Today we will see how everything is holding up and will foam it down, wash it rinse it and see what’s gonna happen.

Just to recap, everything on the top row, except for new finish, has failed. As of the last test, which was November of 2018, so that would have been at the 11 and 1011 month mark the next row down. We have sea courts, UK and key show 811 that are still holding up as of the last test and the next next row you have igl premier, AGL eclipse key show XO 3 opti gloss coat ceramic pro light on that row and then on the bottom row.

Everything was still going, except for the Chinese eBay coating, which is the mr. Fixx 9h. So without further ado, we will foam it down and see how things are holding up. The wind is picking up here. Have it washed let’s rinse, it see how things are looking Wow lots of changes so at the one-year mark new finish unbelievably still going, starting to show signs of failure, see quartz UK still holding up very well key show 811.

It’s getting there, but I’m gonna it’ll get a pass this month on the bottom we have everything holding up except the Chinese coding and glosses 7h has completely failed. Looks like ceramic pro light is on its way out op d, we’re gonna give that a fail, quiche oxo three still going fly over.

I’m gonna call that one pretty much gone ceramic boost is gone Eclipse and premiere still going Kenzo quartz everything else on the bottom still looks: okay. I think the best hydrophobics right now are sea courts UK.

That’s, the original version and igl Kenzo courts and adam’s, paint coating. Those seem to be holding up quite well. You can see like ceramic pro 9h. It sticks to it, but then the water runs away eventually so like for this month.

Ceramic pro 9h is gonna. Have I don’t? I don’t. Think I’m gonna give it well, I don’t, know see, and then the water starts sheeting off like that. So I think it & # 39. Ll get a pass this month. I almost gave it a fail, but when you watch watch real close when the when the water sprays on it, it’ll sheet, it’ll, stick to it, be kind of hydrophilic and then and then go away.

Whereas over here you have Kenzo quartz, some of these see how the water immediately runs off of it. Big difference so have lots of changes this month. Look in the picture right after this video here and I’ll.

Show you all the failure times. You all right, so the one-year mark that’s, how we’re looking and we’ve, had about 12 inches of rain in the last two months. What is that 30 centimeters or so? And temperatures, ranging anywhere from 75 Fahrenheit down to 20, Oh hold on.

Let me grab my piece of paper here that had the weather on it: 75 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 24 centigrade to minus four and a half so yeah that’s. That’s, pretty significant temperature changes and we actually had a little dusting of snow even but I wouldn’t.

Call that significant so anyway subscribe like share hit that Bell, so you can be notified when we post a new video and as always, we’re, going to be taking suggestions on the next test. I originally was going to start it today January 1st, but I am kind of trying to get caught up from the holidays, so this is.

This is what you get right now we & # 39. Ve already got a lot of products coming in for the next test, so we have C course: 3.0 ight, modesta up d, different different version, different levels of opti G Technic, v2, v3, ultra crystal serum.

We have John’s. 360 coating there’s; tens, Oh again, imma Kenzo installer! So of course I’m gonna put that one in there and anything else that you guys have requested. I will try to make it on the next hood.

I’m gonna try to get a large truck hood, so I can fit about 40 products on there, so stay in touch. Oh and should you need a portable garage in the Temple, TX area, try a portable storage building.

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