Iron Horse will perform safety checks on all members’ trucks at every off road event. We also encourage all non-members who participate in our events to adhere to this list as well. These rules are in place to keep you and everyone on the trail safe.

The following items are required on or in your truck:

– Spare tire
– Jack
– First aid kit
– Fire extinguisher (secured to the vehicle)
– Securely mounted front and rear tow points
– Tow strap (20,000 lb min.)
– Securely mounted CB
– Funnel
– Valid drivers license
– Insurance card
– Working head lights and tail lights
– Exhaust system
– Seat belts for all passengers

Note: Iron Horse 4x4s Inc. reserves the right to change any of the above conditions. Members will be notified of any changes.

Click here to download the Safety Check List

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