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The membership prides itself in helping others and working together. By doing this we have made significant contributions to many local communities, charities, organizations and individuals.
o Mud Bogs and Walk-a-Thon for the “March of Dimes”
o Members have manned phone banks for “Muscular Dystrophy”
o Mud Bogs for “Disabled Veterans”
o Search and Rescue with “Indiana Council of Emergency Response Team”
o Assisted with building a I.H. Scout for the Indiana State Police
o Mud Bogs for the “Make a Wish Foundation”
Members have taken several classes to become Red Cross Disaster Relief and Red Cross Disaster Assessment certified. The Red Cross used Iron Horse to evacuate stranded flood victims and to bring in and take out emergency teams. The Red Cross has also used Iron Horse to tow Paramedics to their calls during a snow storm that left residents stranded. Also, we towed police and fire departments when they became stuck during this same snow storm.
Iron Horse is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

It is our goal, to enhance our environment and communities. To open more areas for 4X4 use and the use of other Off Highway Vehicles. Our membership participates in meetings, rallies and seminars to guide us toward this goal.

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